Thank you for interest in our product. TMA mould kit will enable you to make manually high quality paraffin
TMAs with three options available to choose based on core diameters:
Small: 2.0mm x50 & 2.5mm x40, Medium: 3.0mm x28 & 3.5mm x24, Large: 4.0mm x18 & 5.0mm x15
TMAmould, two stainless steel plates and transparent positioning plates provided in each of the TMA kit are reusable.
Kit allows to embed 2-7 mm tall tissue cores obtained from paraffin embedded donor blocks using
medical biopsy punch provided. By inspecting depth of each core user has confidence in quality of final TMA block made.
Place the mould on top and is ready for embedding using histology paraffin wax and standard cassette size.

Step 1 donor block coring

Step 1. Core the donor tissue block paraffin embedded in standard or deep histology moulds

Step 2 mould assembling on plate

Step 2. Cover metal plate with transparent double adhesive tape within outer rectangle. Align transparent positioning plate on top and drop the cores to each hole

Step 3a tma embedding Step 3b tma embedding
Step 3a tma embedding

Step 3. Gently lift up the positioning plate and place TMAmould on top and embed. Allow the block to solidify and then remove the mould with TMA block from plate

Step 4a tma paraffin block Step 4b tma section on slide
Step 4a tma paraffin block

Step 4. Push out TMA block from the mould. Block is ready for sectioning and collection on a standard size of microscope slides

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