TMA- Tissue MicroArray Kit Designed and Tested by Histology Professional

Accelerate IHC/ISH Research by manually creating your own paraffin TMAs with our reusable high quality product
Three kits available: Small: 2.0mm x50 & 2.5mm x40, Medium: 3.0mm x28 & 3.5mm x24, Large: 4.0mm x18 & 5.0mm x15
Features easy positioning of the cores via transparent plate with holes corresponding to chosen TMA core size. Positioning plate hovers on top of marked metal plate covered with adhesive tape. Once positioning plate is lifted up the white TMAmould is attached and unit is ready to be paraffin embedded creating easy to section TMA block. Kit eliminates the issues of cores moving or falling out of block as cores are embedded instead of being pressed into recipient paraffin block
TMAmould saves time and staining reagents by allowing screening of antibodies/probes on multiple donor tissue on single section placed on standard microscopy slide. Use donor tissue embedded into standard paraffin blocks
We offer for sales single kits- please contact us for details

Tmamould kit home 1 Tmamould kit home 2 Tmamould kit home 3 Tmamould kit home 4
Tmamould kit home 1

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